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Update and a BIG announcement

Update and a BIG announcement published on 3 Comments on Update and a BIG announcement

pause-buttonIt’s been way too long since I’ve updated here, and I want to apologize to you, the patrons for this. There’s a few reasons for the delay. First, I’ve been eyeball-deep on a big graphics project for my alma mater, the University of Georgia. This has consumed a massive amount of time in January due to the size of the project and the timeframe (I got the project right after New Year’s Day and the show it’s for is this Saturday. That’s tight!).

It’s also very cold by the drawing table. The window is drafty and needs to be replaced, so it’s not a comfy place to be and draw. That’s whining, I know, but cold is cold.

However, there’s a third reason, and it’s one I’ve been avoiding addressing. I hate to admit it, but my heart’s just not in Accidental Centaurs right now. Readership is at a very low level, and this lead to a mixed level of success on the Patreon appeal.

I say “mixed” because if you look at it from a percentage perspective, the response was fantastic! Ten patrons out of about 300 readers? That’s what… three percent? When the rule-of-thumb is that only one percent of your readers will provide monetary support? Three percent is fan-frakking-tastic!

Unfortunately, percentages don’t feed the bulldog — or the Shelties (University of Georgia Bulldogs joke not intended). From the dollar perspective, a pledge total of $15 per page is not sustainable. After Patreon fees, I’m only getting $13.51, and that works to about $1.50 an hour.

Like I said, not sustainable. Especially now that there’s new projects that need my time, like “The Maykits”.

So, where does that leave Accidental Centaurs?

Here’s what I’ve decided I need to do:

  • Finish “Negative Spaces”. I’m not going to leave this in the lurch. There’s not fixed time frame, so posts will be sporadic, especially when it’s too frakking cold in my studio.
  • I’m cancelling the Patreon program. I won’t be soliciting new members, and I will be shutting it down entirely when “Negative Spaces” is done. If you want to stick around, that’s great, but if you want to unsubscribe, then that’s fine, too. I’m going to get the stickers made up and sent out, and if you’re due a drawing, let me know what you want. I’ll also email out details for the free eBook download when I have that nailed down.
  • I’m putting Year Two on indefinite hold. I’ll do it, one of these days, but it won’t be soon. That’s a good thing, because it’s going to allow me to refine it and make it better. Maybe I’ll do it as a graphic novel one of these days. Who knows?
  • There’s always more “PBW” and “Naughty Bits”. Great googly moogly, that stuff sells!

One thing I’ve learned is never to say that I’m “never” doing Accidental Centaurs again. I love these characters far too much. So this is not so much a “adieu” to the oatmunchers as it is “au revior”.

I will be busy developing new projects, such as “The Maykits”, which I think will have a broader appeal. I hope you will be kind enough to grace me with your patronage in the future and on my other projects, which I’ll be posting about here as they develop.

So, as I said before, not “adieu”, but “au revior”.

If you don’t get “Cheiron’s Promise”, you’ll be sorry!

If you don’t get “Cheiron’s Promise”, you’ll be sorry! published on 2 Comments on If you don’t get “Cheiron’s Promise”, you’ll be sorry!

Hey, gang! James Rau, who’s been serving as my editor here on Accidental Centaurs, has just published his new novel, The Children of Cheiron! I had the privilege of reading an advance copy and once again he’s written a cracking novel about centaurs and humans in a world where they just don’t get along that well together! It’s a sequel to his first novel, Cheiron’s Promise and this time, there’s a cameo by… well… you’ll need to read the book to find out! It’s just 99¢, and it’s available for all the mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Kindle and more!)

All the details are in the press release, below:

NEWS FLASH: Rau Publishing ( has exciting news! James Rau, the genius behind one of the most intriguing science fiction mysteries, The Children of Cheiron, has published the second story in the Archon Series: Cheiron’s Promise!

Warning: Adult Content!
A War to End all Wars?

CheironsPromiseCoverThe centaurs are at war, the sword of tragedy hangs over the heads of humanity, and only Jacob Walden can serve as a shield.

Teacher Jacob’s worst nightmare has come true. The war he tried to stop now rages and threatens centaurs and humans alike. He’s been forced to choose sides and for all he knows his choice could curse his people with never-ending blame!
Jacob must solve a mystery before all is lost. He must do the unthinkable and deliver his people into the hands of his worst enemy to restore the balance. Can he convince the centaurs to keep—Cheiron’s Promise?

Archon Series:
Book 1: The Children of Cheiron:
Book 2: Cheiron’s Promise:
Instructions for downloading to your ebook reader (Kindle, Kindle Fire, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook): (Click the appropriate link under Getting Started to jump to the download instructions for your specific ebook device.)

Counting down…

Counting down… published on No Comments on Counting down…

We’re just over a week away from the return of Accidental Centaurs to this site, but if you’re a Patreon supporter, then you’re already seeing the first page of “Negative Spaces”! Why not join them? Membership can cost as little as 25¢ per post, and your support goes to help keep Accidental Centaurs on the air. I literally can’t do this strip without your help, so please,please, please consider becoming a member. Plus, there’s all kinds of cool swag you can get as well!

By the way, what’s going on here?tease02 Well, Patreon members at the $2 and above level are going to find out! It’s a panel from “Faith, Lies and Pixie Dust”, a Plain Brown Wrapper story written by the one and only Thomas F. Revor, Jr.! You’re not going to want to miss it, so don’t! Be one of the cool kids and become a member today!

Content NOW, pay LATER…

Content NOW, pay LATER… published on No Comments on Content NOW, pay LATER…

Why should you become a patron of Accidental Centaurs through our Patreon page?

Of2015-11-18 course, there’s a whole litany of reasons, but here’s a new one… You get bonus content NOW, and you won’t get charged for your patron pledge until January!

Right now, patrons get a daily dose of behind-the-scenes goodness, such as sketchbook raids, sneak peeks and whatever goodies I come up with. And these are free for patrons! They don’t count against the pledges (only the full AC pages will count there).

For example, patrons get pics like the image to the left. It’s a sneak peek, but to what? Patrons know! You can too!

Since I won’t be putting the pledged content up until December, then the pledges won’t be run until January! That’s six weeks of exclusive content for free! Such a deal!

So what are you waiting for? Mosey over to my Patreon outpost and sign up today!

Attack of the Naughty Bits!!

Attack of the Naughty Bits!! published on 4 Comments on Attack of the Naughty Bits!!

COVER-ePUBWake the kids and phone the neighbors! The book everyone has been waiting for is finally here!

It’s been at least two years since we’ve seen a Naughty Bits collection, but our long national nightmare has come to an end! The newest collection of stuff you wouldn’t want your mother to catch you reading is now out—Alternate Centaurs: Attack of the Naughty Bits!!

This collection contains, in addition to some previously released material, an all-new, never-before-released story: “Magic Man”. Previously seen stories include “Accidental Menfolk”, “Curse of Futa Springs” and “Horse Sense”.

There’s also a selection of pieces from the late Patreon version of NSFW Friday and the obligatory Sketchbook Raid! And let’s not forget the gorgeous cover art done by Ian Samson!

The book is available in print and PDF versions from The print edition [Click here to order] is $45, and is FULL COLOR and 130 pages. The digital PDF edition [Click here to order] is sized for your tablet and is $25.

Remember, the purchase of these books helps to keep Accidental Centaurs on the air. I realize that may seem a little—what’s the word here? “Hypocritical”… that’s it!—since there hasn’t been an update for several months, but… it’s coming… REALLY!

Seriously, if you’re into this sort of thing (and you know who you are!), please check out “Attack of the Naughty Bits” now, available online from!

Wubba lubba dub dub!

Wubba lubba dub dub! published on 2 Comments on Wubba lubba dub dub!

In honor of the return of Rick and Morty on Adult Swim, (and for me to get excited about a show on what’s normally a tepid morass of Seth McFarlane off-network reruns and hideous Seth McFarlane wannabes, it could only be Rick and Morty or The Venture Brothers…) here’s a little goodie I threw together…


Hey, thanks for your patience as things get retooled here at Stately Lotshaw Manor. I still have big plans for Alex, Sam and Lenny, and I should be making some announcements soon… like a new story and a timeline for Year Two!

Issue 1.1 now available for download!

Issue 1.1 now available for download! published on 1 Comment on Issue 1.1 now available for download!

Hey, gang!

issue1.1Now that “Sorry, Right Number” is finished, I’ve got all the corrected pages collected together into a nifty download that’s available right now! It’s only $2.99!

Not only does it have corrected pages (which have not been posted online), this download edition features pages from the manual for the PP-1001 Portable Probability Field Analyzer and Projector! It’s also in full color, which the webcomic version is not…

Vamping for time

Vamping for time published on 2 Comments on Vamping for time

Hey, gang!

I need to come up with some content to put up here as I get the next story ready. The plan is for a really neat, special story, and I don’t want to rush it.

However, since I don’t want to leave you in the lurch, I’d like to ask you for questions you’d like answered about the strip, the characters, me, my workflow (or lack thereof). Anything you’d like to know, just post it in the comments. Ask questions of me or the characters. I’ll pull questions that I can make into entertaining (and informative answers) and put them up on the site.

It’s like “Viewer Mail”, but with fewer snarky skits and hokey jokes.


Roy Doty (1922-2015)

Roy Doty (1922-2015) published on 2 Comments on Roy Doty (1922-2015)

It’s always sad when cartooning loses one of it’s own. It’s even sadder when the voice that is stilled is one of cartooning’s Greats (the folks who earned that capital letter). Sadder still is when you know that voice personally and called him a friend.

Roy Doty passed away. He was what I call a “That Guy” illustrator. People may not know the name, but when you show an example of the work, they’ll say, “Oh! THAT guy!”. We don’t have “that guy” illustrators any more. They’re a victim of the time and changes in media. That’s a real shame.

dotyI got to meet Roy for the first time when he was the Guest of Honor at the Southeast NCS Chapter meeting in Memphis. I sat across from him as we ate some truly legendary dry rub ribs at Rendezvous, listening to some truly legendary stories about the glory days of cartooning. He nicknamed me “Slim” and drew the image I’ve posted with this message. At the Reubens in Boston, after he had been honored by the NCS with the Gold Key, he and I sat in the ballroom for hours, talking. Just talking.

Later, I worked with him on a proposed animated version of Wordless Workshop. In Pittsburgh, I showed him a sample of animation. He paid me the highest compliment of my career. “You get it,” he said. “People have been trying to animate my work for 60 years. You understand it. Simplicity!”

There was nothing simple about Roy’s work. Simplicity and cleanliness should never be confused for non-complexity. Just as Ernie Bushmiller honed his work to a fine edge, Roy wielded his pen like a surgeon does a scalpel. Only what is absolutely necessary is on the page. Remove any one thing, and it’s just lines. The whole is always more than sum of the parts.

I hope one day to be a crusty curmudgeon with a twinkle in my eye, just like Roy. He griped, he complained, he drove many NCS Presidents to drink (well, that’s not hard to do… we’re talking about the NCS…), but he always had his tongue firmly in his cheek and the best of intentions. We’re going to miss Roy.

You know… “That guy…”


Etsy published on 3 Comments on Etsy

Hey, gang!

For those of you who like Plain Brown Wrapper, I wanted you to know that I’ve put a bunch of NSFW Friday originals up for sale over on Etsy. These pieces are priced starting at $25, and the won’t be the last. I’m also going to do some clean pieces that will be available over there as well.

Remember, these sales help support Accidental Centaurs by supporting me. Please consider buying some of the swag I have on the site, such as Accidental Centaurs all-ages books and comics, Plain Brown Wrapper digital downloads, or my retrocomputing merch! It’s all going to a good cause: keeping me from having to get a real job so I can keep drawing centaurs for you! :)

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Buy Adult link led to a page full of bad links. This has been corrected by having the links involved take you the page, which is what I meant for the links to do in the first place.

Random Acts of Nancy

Random Acts of Nancy published on No Comments on Random Acts of Nancy

random-acts-logo-swankyIt’s random! It’s Nancy! It’s live!

For the last several months, I have been honored to be working with the great Guy Gilchrist, who writes and draws the classic strip Nancy®. The first product of this work debuts today on GoComics: Random Acts of Nancy!

In this feature, we’ll be taking classic Ernie Bushmiller panels from Nancy that were offbeat and wacky to begin with, and then pull them out-of-context so they become even more bizarre and surreal. It’s a Dada experience that would make Jean Arp’s head explode, and it starts today at the Random Acts of Nancy page on

UPDATE: The links now take you directly to the Random Acts page on GoComics!

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