Ten years?!?


DadTen years ago today, I lost my hero.

My father had been suffering a series of strokes throughout 2004, and finally succumbed on December 16. He was buried at Hamilton Mill Memorial Gardens that Saturday. Only now did I look at a 2004 calendar and realize it was only 48 hours from his passing to the funeral… no wonder it’s all a blur.

I said my father was my hero, and that’s not an exaggeration. He was my inspiration. Having been discharged from the Air Force with a disability, he went on to build a family with my mother, a career in data processing and raised my sister and I to be upstanding members of the community.

Well, he tried in my case… I’ll give him points for that.

My father could read me like a book. He knew me better than I knew myself. In 2001, before he had his back surgery to correct the stooping caused by his ankylosing spondylitis, I showed him a demo of a multimedia Director presentation I had written. I thought as a programmer (he coded in COBOL for over 35 years), he’d be impressed. After the demo, I looked at him for his approval. He smiled and said it was nice. Then, after a beat, he said words I still remember to this day: “You know, I always thought you’d do more with the cartooning.”

And doggoneit…. he was right.

And here I am. It wasn’t the first time he prodded me towards cartooning. As a toddler, when I showed him the Peanuts comic strip I had just written and drawn, he explained that there was this man in California named Charles Schulz who was the only person who could write Peanuts strips. Why didn’t I try creating my own comic strip instead?

I can’t believe it’s been ten years. And I can’t believe it still hurts as bad ten years later.

There is very little I wouldn’t do, very little I wouldn’t give for just five minutes with him.

I love you, Big Guy. And I miss you terribly.

September 9, 1935 – December 16, 2004



Hey, gang!

For those of you who like Plain Brown Wrapper, I wanted you to know that I’ve put a bunch of NSFW Friday originals up for sale over on Etsy. These pieces are priced starting at $25, and the won’t be the last. I’m also going to do some clean pieces that will be available over there as well.

Remember, these sales help support Accidental Centaurs by supporting me. Please consider buying some of the swag I have on the site, such as Accidental Centaurs all-ages books and comics, Plain Brown Wrapper digital downloads, or my retrocomputing merch! It’s all going to a good cause: keeping me from having to get a real job so I can keep drawing centaurs for you! :)

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Buy Adult link led to a page full of bad links. This has been corrected by having the links involved take you the pbw.accidentalcentaurs.com page, which is what I meant for the links to do in the first place.

Random Acts of Nancy

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random-acts-logo-swankyIt’s random! It’s Nancy! It’s live!

For the last several months, I have been honored to be working with the great Guy Gilchrist, who writes and draws the classic strip Nancy®. The first product of this work debuts today on GoComics: Random Acts of Nancy!

In this feature, we’ll be taking classic Ernie Bushmiller panels from Nancy that were offbeat and wacky to begin with, and then pull them out-of-context so they become even more bizarre and surreal. It’s a Dada experience that would make Jean Arp’s head explode, and it starts today at the Random Acts of Nancy page on GoComics.com.

UPDATE: The links now take you directly to the Random Acts page on GoComics!

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