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You break it, you buy it…

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I’m back from the Reubens and rarin’ to go!

There’s two pages left for this story after this. It’s only taken me about six months to do what was supposed to be a quickie… *sigh*

I’m going to try to get the pace of the next one to be better… I promise… Ironically, as I get busier, I should be able to do Accidental Centaurs on a more regular basis. The theory is that as I manage my time better, I can get Accidental Centaurs on the schedule. However, as a great philosopher once observed, in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is. So, we’ll see how that works.

The next story is going to be another fill-in-the-gaps. It’s going to be a radical departure from what I’ve done before in that it doesn’t feature Alex, Sam or Lenny. It will have the return of a previously seen character…

Hello, GoComics readers!

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To those of you who have come over from GoComics’ “Meet Your Creator” blog, WELCOME!

I appreciate you taking a few moments to check out Accidental Centaurs, my other comic. You’ll see that it’s about as different from “Random Acts of Nancy” as you can possibly get. I’ve been running this strip since 2002, and what you see here is there result of a major reboot that happened in 2010. I hope you enjoy what you see and become a regular. There’s some big things on the drawing board for Accidental Centaurs, and it should be a fun ride.

For my regular readers, I was featured on GoComics’ “Meet Your Creator” blog this weekend for my work on “Random Acts of Nancy”. Check it out!

Roy Doty (1922-2015)

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It’s always sad when cartooning loses one of it’s own. It’s even sadder when the voice that is stilled is one of cartooning’s Greats (the folks who earned that capital letter). Sadder still is when you know that voice personally and called him a friend.

Roy Doty passed away. He was what I call a “That Guy” illustrator. People may not know the name, but when you show an example of the work, they’ll say, “Oh! THAT guy!”. We don’t have “that guy” illustrators any more. They’re a victim of the time and changes in media. That’s a real shame.

dotyI got to meet Roy for the first time when he was the Guest of Honor at the Southeast NCS Chapter meeting in Memphis. I sat across from him as we ate some truly legendary dry rub ribs at Rendezvous, listening to some truly legendary stories about the glory days of cartooning. He nicknamed me “Slim” and drew the image I’ve posted with this message. At the Reubens in Boston, after he had been honored by the NCS with the Gold Key, he and I sat in the ballroom for hours, talking. Just talking.

Later, I worked with him on a proposed animated version of Wordless Workshop. In Pittsburgh, I showed him a sample of animation. He paid me the highest compliment of my career. “You get it,” he said. “People have been trying to animate my work for 60 years. You understand it. Simplicity!”

There was nothing simple about Roy’s work. Simplicity and cleanliness should never be confused for non-complexity. Just as Ernie Bushmiller honed his work to a fine edge, Roy wielded his pen like a surgeon does a scalpel. Only what is absolutely necessary is on the page. Remove any one thing, and it’s just lines. The whole is always more than sum of the parts.

I hope one day to be a crusty curmudgeon with a twinkle in my eye, just like Roy. He griped, he complained, he drove many NCS Presidents to drink (well, that’s not hard to do… we’re talking about the NCS…), but he always had his tongue firmly in his cheek and the best of intentions. We’re going to miss Roy.

You know… “That guy…”


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Hey, gang!

Unfortunately, after a week of updates, there’s going to be another delay. I’ve been called out of town on business, and rather than put up a half-finished page, I’m just going to resume next week, in full color.

Sorry for the delay, but going forward, I’d rather be delayed and in color than rushed and half-done.


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Hey, gang!

For those of you who like Plain Brown Wrapper, I wanted you to know that I’ve put a bunch of NSFW Friday originals up for sale over on Etsy. These pieces are priced starting at $25, and the won’t be the last. I’m also going to do some clean pieces that will be available over there as well.

Remember, these sales help support Accidental Centaurs by supporting me. Please consider buying some of the swag I have on the site, such as Accidental Centaurs all-ages books and comics, Plain Brown Wrapper digital downloads, or my retrocomputing merch! It’s all going to a good cause: keeping me from having to get a real job so I can keep drawing centaurs for you! :)

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that Buy Adult link led to a page full of bad links. This has been corrected by having the links involved take you the page, which is what I meant for the links to do in the first place.

Random Acts of Nancy

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random-acts-logo-swankyIt’s random! It’s Nancy! It’s live!

For the last several months, I have been honored to be working with the great Guy Gilchrist, who writes and draws the classic strip Nancy®. The first product of this work debuts today on GoComics: Random Acts of Nancy!

In this feature, we’ll be taking classic Ernie Bushmiller panels from Nancy that were offbeat and wacky to begin with, and then pull them out-of-context so they become even more bizarre and surreal. It’s a Dada experience that would make Jean Arp’s head explode, and it starts today at the Random Acts of Nancy page on

UPDATE: The links now take you directly to the Random Acts page on GoComics!

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