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Hey, gang!

There's lots of great things going here at Accidental Centaurs, and I'd like to bring you up-to-date on them!

First, there's the Patreon campaign, going on now at this page on Patreon. Needless to say, Patreon is the primary way that I make it possible for me to do this strip. New pages, as they're completed, are posted exclusively to Patreon members at the $5 a month and higher level. Plus, there's other premiums available at higher levels, such as original art and one-on-one Skype chats. Please consider supporting the strip via a Patreon pledge. I can't do it without you!

Next, there's The Nightly Draw LIVE! This is a live show that I'm streaming every weeknight on YouTube. I'll draw and take your questions, live and direct from Stately Lotshaw Manor.

You can see the show by going to (I know, it's a handful to type... Just click the link). I'm live every weeknight (usually) at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific (for those in North America), which is 2am UTC (so the rest of you can do the math).

Speaking of that gibberish URL, I need to get to 100 subscribers to be able to change it to something like "ChannelTachyon". If you'd click the "SUBSCRIBE" button on the channel page on YouTube, I'd be ever so grateful.

Channel Tachyon is the outlet for my video enterprises. I'll be doing The Nightly Draw LIVE there, as well as some other shows, such as Full Tilt Nerdity and Movies of Mass Distraction. It'll be a lot of geeky fun, so subscribe today and get in on the ground floor!

Work continues on "Seven Centauri". As pages of that are completed, they will be made available exclusively to Patreon members until the story is complete. That means if you want to see new Accidental Centaurs, you'll need to be a Patreon member. But, that's easy to do... Just $5 a month gets you access to the pages, and puts you in a very exclusive club of discriminating comic connoisseur, separating you from the riff-raff.

And no one wants to be riff-raff, do they?

Except maybe Richard O'Brien...