Hey, gang!

Well, here we are, all stuck at home and things are no exception here at Stately Lotshaw Manor. I’m trying to make the best of things, as all the work I had been doing evaporated (as Scott Adams once put it) “like a bad odor on a windy day”. That means getting back into a Centaurs frame of mind.

One thing I’ve been working on is transferring all the Accidental Centaurs collections over to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing from Lulu. By doing this, I can offer the comic collections for half of what I had to sell them for previously, as Amazon’s color pricing is an order of magnitude better than Lulu’s. As I write this, the Classic Accidental Centaurs Omnibus volume, which had been $40 on Lulu, is now available for $29.99. The price cut for the new color collections will be even more dramatic (but they haven’t made their way through KDP’s approval process yet).

I won’t be able to do this for the “Naughty Bits” series, as Amazon won’t approve adult material. So, unfortunately, they’ll have to remain on Lulu.

Meanwhile, I’m back to drawing new pages for “The Seven Centauri”. I’ll be updating soon… I’d like to have a few pages in the hopper first.

Thanks again for your patience as I’ve been working to put my life back together after my mother’s passing. It’s been a strenuous time for all of us, and we’ll get through this together. In the meantime, I’m going to be working to put out content to help entertain you while you’re cooped up indoors.

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