I can’t believe how long it’s been since new pages were added to this story. The last update in was 10 months ago. Holy frak.

A lot has gone on since then. My mother passed away. The world turned itself upside down. Several times.

Yikes. Just yikes.

Let’s hope that this the start of a new, better normal (Geez, I hate that phrase…)

2 thoughts on “The Seven Centauri — Page 16

  1. Sweet mother of murgatroid an update. I check on sundays (because that’s the folder I put it in and seriously, I have a web comic folder for each day of the week + seperate ones that update multiple times in a week) Well done and this “Old ways” sound interesting. 😉
    p.s. wash your hand, avoid people and beware the STOBOR!

    1. If that makes you happy, then you’ll be beside yourself with glee over this news: there’s two more currently in the hopper…

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